Resources for Developers


#1Playboard features
[PLAYBOARD] [SINONYMIZE] How to set up Synonyms using SynonimizeWhen and how you implement synonyms
#2EmpathyX features
[EmpathyX] [UX] Related Tags

How to integrate and measure Related Tags and how to build a sliding panel for your Related Tags

#3EmpathyX features 

[EmpathyX] [UX] Instant Search

Instant Search as search-as-you-type or typeahead 

EmpathyX features 


[EmpathyX] [UX] Next Queries

Ways to implement Next Queries
#5EmpathyX features  [EmpathyX] [UX] The Search JourneyAvailable features for the search journey
#6Playboard features [PLAYBOARD] [BOOSTS] How to create Boost via Empathy Play APIHow to create a boost vía API with Python example.
#7Playboard features [PLAYBOARD] [SINONYMIZE] Applying synonyms: choose well and increase the findability of your site!How to create synonyms and how best to apply them
#8EmpathyX [EMPATHY X] Introduction to the Beacon APIA way to schedule asynchronous and non-blocking requests to a web server.
#9Search [SEARCH] [CONTEXT] Customize your search resultsHow to customize your search results and access to Context data
#10EmpathyX14-10-2019[EMPATHYX] CACHE SOLUTION
#11DISCOVERY WALL [SEARCH] [CONTEXT] DISCOVERY WALLIntroducing Empathy’s brand-new feature, the Discovery Wall. Using Empathy Context