Resources for Analysts


#1Stats API

[STATS API] How to Measure Search

How to build a Search Performance Report using Empathy Stats API and GA
#2Stats API - DailyDist Report
[STATS API] [DAILYDIST REPORT] DailyDist Report on Stats API 

How to extract data from Stats API Reports. Daily Dist Report  and its application on the Worldwide Performance visualisation.

#3Stats API - Keywords Dist


How Seasonal Keywords Visualisation works and Stats API reports

Stats API - DailyDist Report


[STATS API] [DAILYDIST REPORT] Search Performance Visualisation

How Search Performance Visualisation works and Stats API reports
#5Insights - Now Visualisation [PLAYBOARD] [INSIGHTS] NOW VISUALIZATIONHow to easily identify search performance in real-time, in terms of the frequency of typed queries, clicks and no results.
#6Stats API - Analytics [STATS API] Empathy Data IntegrationHow to integrate Empathy Data with any Analytics tool data
#7Playboard - MVT [PLAYBOARD] [MVT] MVT: Test, Analyse and Optimise Your Search ExperienceHow to test different search configurations and analysing key metrics with MVT service on Empathy Playboard
#8Stats API - No Results18-09-2019 [STATS API] [NO RESULTS]  Finding Out Users' Intentions

How to use STATS API data to know more about No Results 

#9Stats API - DS Connector22-10-2019[STATS API] [GOOGLE DATA STUDIO] is now available in Google Data StudioWith the Empathy Data Studio connector you may integrate all your search data in your dashboards and reports.
#10Stats API - Tagging20-11-2019[STATS API] [TAGGING] Tags in Google Tag ManagerUsing Empathy Tags on GTM, integrating Empathy’s processed data is now a quick and simple process