Resources for Merchandisers


#1Playboard features
[PLAYBOARD - LINKS] Use Links to promote key products with the Empathy PlayboardTips and best practices to use the Promoted Links feature in the Playboard.
#2Playboard features

[PLAYBOARD- BOOST] Promote products in search results

Tips and best practices to use the Boost feature in the Playboard.
#3Playboard features 

[PLAYBOARD- EQUALIZER] An introduction to search relevance

Tips and best practices to use the Equalize feature in the Playboard.
#4Playboard features 

[PLAYBOARD- QUERIES] Turn your No Results Queries into Opportunities

Tips and best practices to detect and resolve No Results queries.
#5Empathy X [SEARCH] [CUSTOMERS] Five minutes with…. LovelybikesHow implemets its search strategies anf features
#6Search [SEARCH] How can you truly understand what your customers want?How useful data from an eCommerce search box can be for understanding customer needs and market trends
#7Empathy X [EMPATHY X] [CASE STUDY] TuandcoImprovements in through Interface and adding further search features

Empathy X


 [EMPATHY X] [SEARCH] [CASE STUDY] Vodafone : From GSA (Google Search Appliance) to Empathy Interface 

#9Search [SEARCH] [FOOD DISCOVERY] The new role of the search box in grocery shoppingOnline grocery shopping is moving from retrieving a boring list of products to a conversational, more contextual and dialogue-oriented Search.
#10Search [SEARCH] [CUSTOMERS] Meet Magento with PronoviasMeet Magento 2019 : Francesca Ceron, Digital Project and UX Manager at Pronovias, led a presentation titled ‘Empathy as a driver of the user experience
#11Search [SEARCH] [FOOD DISCOVERY] Ethical Search: Designing an irresistible journey with a positive impactDesigning a Food Discovery shopping involves multiple use cases and particular moments to assist shoppers, but also to immerse them within an appealing and entertaining relationship with the search and its associated features