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[Empathy X] [UX] Related Tags: A Design PerspectiveDesign possibilities for Related Tags
#2Search [Search] [UX] UX Design Tips for an eCommerce Experience filled with EmpathyUX Design Tips for an eCommerce Experience filled with Empathy
#3Search [Search] [UX] Visual Facets: The Forefront of Search and DiscoveryFaceted search is a vital search and discovery feature for certain e-commerce sites that have a huge catalogue and several product categories. It relies on sets of terms structured by relation; users mix and match different options.
#4Search [Search] [UX] Progressive DiscoveryAs the possibilities offered in online stores and services increase exponentially, guiding the user to decide the next steps and to control their own discovery journey is sometimes complex, as the number of different paths and interactions can be overwhelming.