Empathy Stats API V2 - Reports - Boost

This reports returns the following metrics for each active boost and within the query filters:

  • Boost Id
  • Boost query count: number of times the boost was used to include products in the search results.
  • Boost success count: number of times any of the boosted products was clicked.

To filter one or more boosts by boost Id, include them in the request. 

Report ID: Boost

Input parameters (see common parameters)

Parameter name
boost_idstr(error)Id of a boost to include in the responseNone
rowsint(error)Number of results to return (use -1 to return all results)50
offsetint(error)The number of results to omit (from the start of the result set)0

If no boost_id is passed, EVERY boost is returned.

To filter more than one boost add multiple boost_id parameters to the request. 


200 - successful information retrieve

Type: application/json
Example response
	"data": [
			"boosted_success_count": 55,
			"boosted_query_count": 105,
			"boost_id": "5be1c2fcdd0efa00106af881"
			"boosted_success_count": 33,
			"boosted_query_count": 26,
			"boost_id": "5c3da6956efdb4000ec53b0e"
			"boosted_success_count": 14,
			"boosted_query_count": 249,
			"boost_id": "5b212f79867541000de2ff80"
	"params": {
		"site_id": "instance",
		"start_date": 1547942400000,
		"end_date": 1548028800000,
		"filters": [],
		"offset": 0,
		"rows": 50,
		"evol": false,
		"boost_ids": []