Empathy Index API


Detailed Instructions about how to use the EmpathyBroker Index API.


Step-by-step guide

  1. First of all, you must have an INDEX_TOKEN and one or more FEED_IDS, if you don´t have anything  of this  you must  get them. INDEX_TOKEN and a list of one or more FEED_IDS can be obtained from your Account Manager, consulting to Appointed Lead Developer or alternatively contact support@empathybroker.com.
  2. Now, whit the previous information, you can post a new feed to the service. You can choose one of this  ways:

    After posting the file the system will return something like:


    • JOB_ID : ID of the job generated by the service
    • CLIENT_NAME : Your assigned client name
    • FEED_ID : Feed that you are using for sending the file