POST using Postman


How to perform the post of a new feed to the service using Postman application.

Step-by-step guide

  1. To ease things a little bit you can use Postman as a method to deliver the new feed to the service.
  2. First you need to set up a POST request pointing to:


Where INDEX_SERVICE_URL could be:

The INDEX_TOKEN is the one obtained from Jenkins when adding your index to the index platform.

The FEED_ID is the name of your feed.

     3. Upload your feed to the request using the Body → form-data option, and then on the Key param setting File as the choice:

      4. The Header should be automatically populated as Postman analyses the file to extract its type, in case it doesn't happen here is the header Postman uses for an XML catalog:


      5. Finally just the send the request and you will see the output in the console with the result.

      6. If you want to verify your test you can go to: