Javascript Tagging Library: Track Browse Add2Cart


Instructions to send "Add to Cart" browse click information using the Javascript Tagging Library.

Step-by-step guide

This event must be triggered when any product is added to cart from product category page after a browse to the category is performed. At that moment, the function trackBrowseAdd2Cart  should be executed.

trackBrowseAdd2Cart(categoryid, page, position, productid, title, url, options, callback)

Parameters and options configuration:

Please, refer to trackBrowseProduct parameters.

Code samples

Selectors using jQuery (you could use other frameworks to build the selectors)

empathyTAG.trackBrowseAdd2Cart('MyCatID', 1, 3, "My product id", 'My product title', '',{lang:'en',scope:'testscope'},function(){});