The story and the journey we’ve shared with Tuandco:

We started working with the leading hardware and plumbing store back in 2015, building continually on their search and discovery site features, and last month they became one of our first Interface customers.

We’ve created a short case study exploring Tuandco’s evolution, their new, more interactive and expressive site design, the additional search features they’ve incorporated as well as some of the rapid results they’ve seen.

With a broad and diverse catalogue of products and DIY tutorials, getting search right has always been a key priority for Tuandco, especially as it generates an impressive 30% of their total revenue.
Through Interface and adding further search features, the hardware store has seen significant improvements in a very short timeframe on their search experience, findability, discoverability, as well as increases in their conversion rates (35%) and revenue (73% on mobile).

See the full document to know more: