Tagging REST API: TrackConversion [DEPRECATED]


Please note that "conversion" is deprecated, "checkout" should be used instead on all new integrations.

Instructions to register clicks on "Add to cart" buttons launched by the users. 

Step-by-step guide

Service Name


Service URL


Input parameters

ParameterDescriptionData TypeMandatory
qSearch terms to trackString(tick)
totalHitsNumber of total results for these search termsInteger(tick)
pagePage number the user has requestedShort(tick)
frontFront param in order to measure the performance where it does come fromString(error)
referrerSERP referrer URLString(tick)
scopeTracking scope for this queryString(tick)
langTracking language for this queryString(tick)
storeTracking store for this queryString(tick)
catalogTODO (question)String(tick)
userID of the user who launched the searchString(error) [*]
sessionCurrent user's session IDString(error) [*]
boostedBoost descriptor (use "default" for manual boosts)String(error) [**]
boostIdManual boost Id, required for default boosts.String(error) [**]
originTODO (question)String(tick)
user_typeSpecifies is the user who made the request is either new, recurrent, or ignoredString(error)
spellcheckChecks whether the query has come via spellcheck or notBoolean(error)
filteredChecks whether the query has been filtered or notBoolean(error)
contextualizeTODO (question)String(error)
jsonCallbackName of the callback that will be executed after the requestShort(error)

*This parameters are not mandatory for the service but necessary for the statistics

** If boosted value is "default" a boostId is required 

Additional to these parameters, when the setup begins you will be notified about additional parameters you must include in this request. This parameters should be lang, store or portal with different values.

Examples * OUTDATED - Broken links, update with working examples.

NOTE: The following code is just an example, do not copy and paste this for your use


This method returns nothing or the wrapper used as jsonCallback.