Contextualize REST API: User Context - Products

Method description

Returns the last visited specific products for a specific user, session and query. 

"userLastViewedProducts" and "sessionLastViewedProducts" weight is calculated using the different between the last time there was an interaction with the product and "now". So, the more recent events will have more weight than others that happened long ago. 

HTTP method


URL schema


URL example


Path Parameters

Parameter nameRequiredDescription
client_id(tick)Client identifier on the system

URI Parameters

Parameter nameRequiredDescriptionDefault
user(tick)Identifier that represents an unique user along the client
session (error) 

Identifier that represents an unique session for the given user along the client

If it's not specified there isn't session object in response



Search term that user did
rows (error) Number of products to return5


200 - successful request

Type: application/json

Example application/json
  "userLastViewedProducts": [
    {"value":"213115", weight:3},
    {"value":"213149", weight:1.3}
  "sessionLastViewedProducts": [
    {"value":"213142", weight:3}
400 - mandatory query parameter is missing

Type: application/json

Example application/json
  "code": 400,
  "error": "XXX is mandatory"
404 - either client or endpoint don't exist

Type: application/json

Example application/json
  "code": 404,
  "error": "XXX not found"