Javascript Search Library - 1.4: Empathize


Instructions to use the search endpoint to retrieve just top trends (i.e. The most popular searches)

Step-by-step guide

You can search using the empathize function.

empathize (term, start, rows, options, callback)


ParameterDescriptionData TypeMandatory
termsThe query typed by the userStringYes
startThis parameter is used to paginate results from a queryIntegerNo
rowsThis parameter is used to paginate results from a queryIntegerNo
optionsObject that may contain information about filters and other required data for example: scopeObjectNo
callbackFunction that will be executed after sending dataFunctionNo


  • Additional parameters should be included into the options object. The list of parameters that can be included into the options parameter can be checked visiting the Search section of SEARCH REST API
  • To view the format of the JSON result, visit also the Search section of SEARCH REST API

Code samples

var options = {
empathySearch.empathize('term', 1, 10, options, function(data){
    //the data object will contain top trends