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ParameterDescriptionData TypeMandatory
qThe query for the requestStringYes
langSet the language of the queryStringYes
startIt is used to paginate results from a queryIntegerYes
rowsIt is used to paginate results from a queryIntegerYes
topTrends.rowsSpecify a number of rows for the topTrends section. If this parameter is not specified, the rows param will be usedIntegerNo
filterSet query filtersStringNo
boostboosting query in lucene query formatStringNo
facetSet query facetsStringNo
sortSort resultsStringNo
jsonCallbackName of the callback that will be executed after the requestStringNo
suggestions.suggestion.docsNumber of results to include for each suggestionStringNo


Code Block
sort=price desc


Boosting allows you to modify the default ranking pushing to the top the documents matching the specified queries. 

Boosting Nike and Rebook products
Code Block
boost=brand:Nike^2.1 OR brand:Rebook^1.3

boost parameter can be specified multiple times, so multiple queries could be specified as part of a single query using OR (as specified above) or specifying those queries in individual boost parameters.

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Send us a request with the list of fields that you want to use for FACETING and we will add it to the config.